HAZOP, Risk Analysis

HAZOP, Risk Analysis

亚搏888娱乐 helps organizations with the implementation of their risk policies and programs based on company or industry standards and guidelines including: Process Safety Management (PSM) programs under (U.S.) OSHA 26 CFR 1910.119; EPA Risk Management Program; Seveso II Directive; Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH); IEC 61511; ANSI/ISA S84.00.01. Our engineers utilize PHA-Pro software to assist Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs) like HAZOP and What-If Analysis.

Why a conduct risk assessment?

In Canada and worldwide, the need to document a formal risk assessment is becoming more important for the following reasons:

  • Regulatory authorities promote the ‘Internal Responsibility System’.
  • Regulations are becoming less prescriptive and more performance-based.
  • Passive protection is preferred over active protection, i.e. the safety should be ‘built-in’ and fail to the safe state.
  • Higher fines, more expensive lawsuits, loss of reputation, environmental impact and a push for more corporate transparency.

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