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            A Modern Day Legend

            The Legend Cub continues to be the most coveted American manufactured sport aircraft. It is a modern legend and those who have flown one consider the Legend Cub to be the most gratifying recreational aircraft in the skies today. Today’s Legend Cub is an all new factory-built aircraft, designed in the spirit of the legendary Piper J-3, PA-11, and PA-18 Super Cubs. Combining the best from the past with an obtainable wish list of modern enhancements, American Legend 亚搏888娱乐 Company has engineered in all of the safety, comfort and convenience options imaginable.

            Build your custom cub
            The way you want it

            Outfitted to suit your tastes, the Legend Cub is available in a variety of finishes and features. From the 亚搏电竟 exposed cylinders in yellow paint with a lightning bolt to the Alaska edition Super Legend, flying the Cub you desire is now more personal than ever. The award-winning Legend AmphibCub can land on lakes, turf or hard surfaces while a Legend Combat Cub can teach old L-birds new tricks. For the ultimate in gadgetry, a Legend Smart Cub brings the latest in situational awareness to the Legend Cub cockpit.

            The Legend Fleet

            Train in a Legend

            At American Legend 亚搏888娱乐 Company, we believe the tailwheel pilot to be one who possesses an exceptional set of piloting skills. In the same way pilots in the 40s and 50s learned to fly in Cubs and similar aircraft, today’s pilots are finding the enduring Cub to be among the best training platforms around.

            Raving Fans


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