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            1. COVID-19 Update: 亚搏888娱乐 operations continue as we are monitoring the situation closely to ensure the health and safety of our customers and staff. If you have any questions, contact us at 289-724-0522.

              MOST POPULAR Services


              Investigation & Litigation Support

              亚搏888娱乐 investigates a large number of high profile accidents...

              Read More

              Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews

              亚搏888娱乐 provides Pre-Start Health And Safety Reviews.

              Read More

              Fall Arrest Systems - Inspections

              亚搏888娱乐 provides annual anchor safety inspections (annual window...

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              Finite Element Analysis FEA & Design

              HITE’s use of FEA (Finite Element Analysis) has provided solutions to many companies in...

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              Professional Safety Engineering Consultants


              亚搏888娱乐 Corp specializes in Industrial & Construction Safety, Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews (PHSR’s) & Machine Guarding, Building Sciences, Roof Fall Protection Systems, Forensic Engineering and Litigation Support.

              We will uphold the Integrity of our profession and elevate the field of safety engineering consulting by providing our clients with Honest and thorough analysis at all times, in order to gain their unwavering trust…

              20+ Years Industry Experience


              Pre-Start Health & Safety Reviews

              Pre-Start Health & Safety Review
              Posted By Tom Riedel, B.Eng. P.Eng. On August 8, 2017

              PSR or PHSR is an acronym for the term Pre-Start Health and Safety Review. This phrase is the title for Section 7 of Regulation 851 of Industrial Regulations, a section of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

              Read More
              High-Rise Building Safety
              Posted By Ralph Balbaa M.Eng., P.Eng. On July 18, 2017

              To All High-Rise Building Owners (Who own stages davit arms, roof cars, other means of supporting façade access equipment)O. R.213/91 amended by 0. Reg.Read More

              New Regulations for Suspended Work Platforms & Powered Chairs
              Posted By Ralph Balbaa M.Eng., P.Eng. On June 22, 2017

              New Regulations for Suspended Work Platforms & Powered Chairs What do they mean and their Impact on the Industry? In 2009, on Christmas Eve in Toronto, a modular suspended stage failed claiming four workers lives.Read More

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